Giving Back


Preuss Foundation

Gunter Preuss (President and CEO of Genesis Hospitality Corporation) and his wife, Gloria, started a private family foundation in 2000.The Preuss family is passionate about helping and contributing to the success of youth on a global scale.  

The foundation donates an average of $200,000/year to various non-profit agencies including:

  • House of Neighborly Service

  • Compassion

  • Salvation Army

  • Campus Crusade for Christ

  • Life Choices and Mission


Working with Schools


Colorado State University

In conjunction with the CSU Interior Design Department, Bertram Schwaderlapp, Executive Vice President of Genesis Hospitality, uses his extensive knowledge and experience to educate students as a guest speaker covering Wood Materials.

Pittsburgh State University

Genesis Hospitality is an active recruiter for the Architectural Manufacturing Management and Technology Program, providing students with essential experience in the wood working industry.


Rosenheim Technical University

We've partnered with Rosenheim Technical University to provide international students with valuable learning experiences in Engineering, Project Management, Production and Design.



Holger Doeppner

Holger graduated from Rosenheim Technical University and had the opportunity to complete his internship with Genesis Hospitality's Engineering Department.


Achim Widmaier

Achim completed his internship with the exceptional Engineering department at Genesis Hospitality. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Holztechnik in Wood Processing and Wood Product Design.


Simon Muff

Simon has a Bachelor of Engineering, Interior Engineering and gained experience in Production, PM, engineering and estimating with Genesis Hospitality.